Sue before and after

Sue Van Sluys

Lost 40kgs

A little over 9 years ago I started the Chocolate Frog Diet in Toowoomba. I knew I had to get the message out to people who were like me. Sick and tired of being “FAT” and sick and tired of “BEING RIPPED OFF” by so called weight loss programs that promised the world and did not deliver.

I had just lost 30 kgs at that stage so I had the formula all I needed was the people…….and in walked my very 1st client. Sue had been recommended by her doctor to come and see me.

To say that Sue was sceptical was an understatement and because I had been where she was so many times over the past 20 years that I had been battling with my weight I did not judge her. Instead over the coming years we as a team combatted every single one of her demons until she had lost 40 kgs and was keeping it off.

It was a very happy and sad day when Sue came in and said she was going to be able to handle it on her own. I was so proud of her and even though I knew I would really miss our weekly laughs I knew my job was done.
In February 2014 I met up with Sue for the first time since 2009 and I was blown away by how wonderful she looked but best of all by how Sue was herself. Sue was standing tall, proud and confident. I am sure we entertained the patrons at the coffee shop while we played remember when.

The after photos here are ones I took in Feb 2014. Sue has lost a further 6.5 kgs since she stopped coming to see me. I am so proud Sue allowed me to share her journey with her and I would not want to be anywhere else doing anything else.

I LOVE my job. Check out Chocolate Frog Diet on YouTube.

Mel Moffat before and after

Mel Moffett

Lost 47Kgs

I had almost given up hope of losing weight. I had tried all the fad diets available before taking a leap of faith and phoning the Chocolate Frog Diet team.

I started the Chocolate Frog Diet on the 1st of October 2008. I own and run a courier business and also have food allergies – so it was difficult to find a diet that suited my lifestyle and dietary needs. I am very proud to say that I lost 47 kg and to say my life is a little different now is an understatement.”

My phone number is 0417772811 if you want to know more.


Cheryl before and after


Cheryl Jensen

Lost 47Kgs

I was looking for a weight loss program when I met Monica and she explained her concept of weight loss to me. At first I thought it was too good to be true and as I was working shift work in a kitchen at the time I found it so hard to not pick all the time.

I loved the idea that the person looking after me had had a weight problem and knew how I felt so I thought why not give it a go what did I have to lose.

That was back in October 2008. This program has literally changed my life not only have I lost 25kg in that time but I now work with Monica helping her change other people’s lives for the better.

I now love coming to work every day and feel so good about myself which is worth everything to me.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough for the difference Monica and her program have made to my life.


Leah before middle after


Lost 25kgs

Hi, my name is Leah. I’ve followed Monica’s business since its conception; and for a long time thought it was just too good to be true; at the same time blind to the successes I kept seeing. One day Monica told me that she couldn’t watch any longer; if I didn’t wake up to myself and do something about my weight she couldn’t stand by and watch. Monica didn’t care if I did her program or some other one but just do something and stop killing myself slowly.

Well I can tell you that really hurt; how could she say such a thing! After my initial hurt there was anger and thought ‘fine see if I care’. That Monica, she’s a crafty one, didn’t take me long to recognise that wake up call.

I started the program soon after; I cannot believe just how easy it is and kick myself for not joining earlier, but as they say, better late than never. I’d yo-yo dieted for so long I swear I have permanent whiplash!

I know exactly where you’re at while you’re reading this because I’ve been there and in some ways still there. No matter how much weight I lose on this program I’ll always know and understand much more than those in this business who’ve never struggled with weight in their lives and are just doing ‘a job’.

I had a goal, it was to lose 20kg before going on my cruise. I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t make that goal. I came darn close though with an 18kg lose and still went on my cruise! I’ve had ups and downs which is ok because they are part of life. Monica doesn’t put you down; doesn’t make you feel worthless but she will expect you to accept and acknowledge where you went wrong and fix it.

A few months after my cruise I fell ill; was on high doses of Penicillin and Prednisone for about 8weeks. I was angry; disillusioned and depressed when I realised after all my hard work I’d put on 15 of those 18kg by the time I went off the medication. I spent the next 14 months sulking (as you do!) then kicked myself up the tushy and started again.

I was over 106kg when I started the program (the first time :}) and am now a smidgen away from 82kg or was a size 22/24 and now, depending of the style/cut, a 14/16. My ultimate goal weight is 75kg ~ not long now. Once I’m there I’ll reassess things and decide if I maintain that or lose another 5kg.

Thank you Monica for caring not only about me but for me. Call me on 07 4194 3125 if I can help you understand why this program is the best.


melina before and after


Lost 34kgs

My name is Melina, I’m 23 years old from Brisbane, Queensland and I beg you to READ MY STORY.

For 22 years I have struggled with eczema, the kind that when you first wake up in the morning and stretch means an instant flinch back to the position you woke up in because you’ve just split open all the wounds behind your legs or in the folds of your arms. For 3 years I struggled with psoriasis so bad that I had to quit my job, crawl on my hands and knees around the house because my feet were so badly covered in psoriasis that putting any pressure on them to walk meant immediate splitting of my heals, my soles and toes. The pain was so bad I would crawl into my parents room just to sit on the floor and cry.

I saw how my pain affected my parents and they have tried everything over the short 23 years of my life to make me better. Add to that a weight gain of 30kilos due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, along with all the other ‘fun’ symptoms associated with POS, and a 3 year undiagnosed battle of Clostridium Difficile.

By the age of 22 I was not only ready, but looking forward to my death. Every single night before going to bed, I prayed and I prayed for over a year that somehow someway my pain, suffering and sickness would be taken away. So many things going wrong, so many doctors with no answers, or just the usual “you’ll grow out of it, try this medicine” which never helped.

I was finally referred by my doctor to see a specialist from the Dermalogical department at the hospital, when he saw me limping into the medical centre and saw the puss, blood and ooze from my feet. I was so excited, I had waited 3 years just to get on the waiting list. Once there, I had a different specialist every visit, which would spend 10 minutes of my 15 minutes appointment just reviewing my case. Different doctors, same results nothing was working. They even prescribed me a cream that was like rubbing metholated spirits into my open wounds and when I mentioned how much it hurt and how after just seconds of applying it my feet were red raw swollen and puffing up he looked me dead in the eye and said, “yeah that’s normal keep using it and you’ll get used to it”!!!! I was asked if I had considered having children. I thought that was a very strange question. I was offered a tablet form medication that would treat my psoriasis but had a vast array of side effects including infertility! If I wanted to start that medication, I would not be able to have children.

On November 14th 2010 I was diagnosed with Clostridium Difficile after going to my GP with more than the usual amount of blood in my stool with the presence of mucus sacks the size of plums. He phoned the H.O.D. Gastrointestinal specialist at the RBH and whilst on speaker phone said I needed to be tested for x,y,z, my doctor looked at me and said, “Oh I didn’t think of that”.

For 3 years I was not only seeing my doctor on a weekly basis for psoriasis but also because every time I went number 2’s on the loo, the bowl was bright red with blood. After the blood test came back positive, I was prescribed antibiotics with a 33% chance of success. If that medicine failed, I was on standby to be quarantined and given a drip fed straight steroid treatment with a 47% success rate, should that fail, well my GP said maybe I should get my parents down and start organizing things.

So here I am, 22 years old being told I could potentially die, covered in eczema, 30kilos overweight, skipping menstrual cycles, hardly able to walk, some days only being able to crawl, 20+ trips to the toilet each day and in a total mess.

By an absolute stroke of luck, or touch of fate, my parents heard about this seminar happening in town in celebration of this lady, Mel, a local in Dysart who had lost 40kgs and never been healthier thanks to The Chocolate Frog Diet program. They weren’t sure if they even wanted to go, but both decided why not, “they’re might be something that could help Melina”.

They listened to Monica speak and were completely blown away by her knowledge, the testimonials and the results of the Chocolate Frog Diet. The moment they were won over was when they heard Monica speak about soaking infected feet. I was told by all the specialists to soak my feet for 20 mins minimum with my foot soak medicine, mainly coal tar. Monica mentioned that the feet should only be soaked for 8 minutes because after that they become like a sponge and start drawing back in all the gunk they’ve just expelled.

After the seminar they approached Monica and gave her an account of my struggles and she told them while she may not have all the answers straight away, she would put her all in to finding a solution to fix the problem, not just treat the symptoms.The rest, as they say, is history.

I still remember my first phone call with Monica. The realization of all my problems as I was explaining it to her just made me feel horrible. I didn’t really understand or realize just how much I had been putting up with and how much it had been putting a toll on my wellbeing.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTRIE LIFE summer of 2010 I HAD NO EZCEMA. By December of 2010 we had won the battle over c-diff, and by May 2011 my psoriasis was COMPLETELY GONE!!! I walked bare foot on grass for the first time in 3 years and I cried because I was so happy.

To date, I have lost 34kgs, have no eczema, have no psoriasis, regular menstrual cycles, my eyes are clear and sparkle again, oh, and I only go to the bathroom once a day now.

Monica & Cheryl really are angels. I believe that it was a chance meeting with my parents and Monica and I thank god for them everyday.

Monica and Cheryl will help you all they can, research all the information and give you the steps to take, but it is YOU that must make the change. YOU must walk through the door and understand that you are not going to see results of a life time of problems in just a week. You must keep at it and be strong. I make my own jam for crying out loud. What 23 year old do you know who does that?

This program was run entirely online and on the phone. One day I hope to meet Melina in person…maybe we will need a box of tissues that day.


Sharon before and after


Lost 30kgs

My husband works away most of the time in the mines and I am home with all the responsibilities of our two teenage children, my full time job, our home and the dog. It is a lonely life and for many years I used food as a comfort.

I used to work in a childcare centre as a cook so I was surrounded by food all the time.

When I met Monica I was at my lowest and bit by bit Monica has helped me understand why I felt like I did and why I ate food the way I did.

When Monica asked me for a “before” photo I realised I don’t have very many because I would avoid having my photo taken.

It hadn’t always been plain sailing along my journey of losing weight but with the help and support you get at the Chocolate Frog you can reach all your goals. They teach you about the importance of food and its quantities, exercise and your emotional wellbeing.

Where other weight loss programs failed, and with Monica’s persistence through good times and bad, I have lost 30kgs so far. This amazes even me.

I have not finished my journey with the Chocolate frog yet but I know that I will and I know I will never have to feel the way I used to about myself or my life.

The confidence that I have now I owe to Monica and her team at the Chocolate Frog. I had the confidence to quit my job in the kitchen and go for a job I would never have thought I would get. To my amazement I got the job and I love it.

Let me say “Thank You Monica” for giving me back my life.


mel and ken before and after

Mel & Ken

Lost 47kgs & 20kgs

Mel and Ken decided that enough was enough or should I say that Mel did first then Ken decided to join when he saw Mel’s amazing results.

Here is their story:-Mel Moffett had tried all the fad diets available before taking a leap of faith …and phoning the Chocolate Frog Diet team.

“I started the Chocolate Frog Diet on the 1st of October 2008.I own and run a courier business and also have many food allergies so it was difficult to find a diet that suited my lifestyle. I never know from one minute to the next where I have to go and how long it is going to take. I was tired of shakes and formulas that did not taste nice or fill me up and in the end they just didn’t work anyway. I had almost given up hope of losing weight.

Then I found “The Chocolate Frog Diet”Monica put together a program that suited me and also offered one on one support, advice and encouragement.The results speak for themselves – I’ve lost 47 kilograms – some of my friends don’t even recognize me! Not only that but I feel fantastic – healthier and more energetic.

Ken Moffett was so impressed with Mel’s results that he talked to the team in May 2009 and got his own program- three in all as he works shift work. He needed one for day shift, one for night shift and one for his pajama day and has since lost 20kgs.

Mel and Ken’s success is what can happen if you follow your program and the team at The Chocolate Frog Diet will do the rest.

Danielle Rognoni

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for a few years, with doctors giving me advice and telling me to keep going and keep going. Countless mood swings, hormone injections and 60+kgs later I made the hardest decision I had ever made, and that was to stop putting my body through it all and take a break from trying to have a baby. It was then that the doctor told me, “You’re probably too over weight now anyways”. I had never been more disappointed. More health problems started to occur and seeing several doctors all of them gave the same excuse as to what could be wrong with me, and that was “it’s because of your weight”.

I was given Monica’s number and was so scared to call as I didn’t know if I was just going to cop more ridicule for being overweight.

How wrong I was. Monica has never ever once judged me for being overweight. In fact, it’s pretty hilarious watching her get so angry about the doctors. Health issues that come up Monica is the first person I contact now and we sit together and nut out what could be causing my problem/s.

There are seriously not enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing Monica is, I couldn’t ask for a better person to support me through my journey, she has listened to my cry and has always been there with tissues and open arms. I have no doubt in my mind when I’m ready Monica will help myself and my husband welcome a healthy baby into this world.

Aaron Rognoni  


I started seeing Monica mainly as a support network for my wife and was so pleased when I started seeing results for myself. Not only weight loss Monica has helped me with work situations and given me solutions on how to overcome work related battles. I would highly recommend Monica and both her weight loss and training programs to anyone I meet

Seeing the smile on my wife’s face when she walks out of Monica’s office after seeing her results is priceless and for that I’m so grateful, plus it is fun.

Ali Jarred

I’m not your average Chocolate Frog client, I didn’t need to lose weight I needed to gain it. I was a very unhealthy 46kg girl, who smoked and drank energy drinks and wondered why I was always sick.

The day I met Monica was only days after coming out of hospital with a really bad case of Pneumonia (I had this 3 times before over 2 years). I needed to change, being skinny (what I used to think was skinny) was not the be all or end all. I needed to be healthy and happy.

My work also suffered from this as I couldn’t apply myself like I do now, my employer was always so worried that I’d just fall to the floor from not eating. She is the reason I went to see Monica.

Monica designs a program just for you. It’s not just the same meal plan handed out to everyone, she takes the time to see what food you like and what allergies you may have. This is your own special journey and she makes it that way. This is not a quick fix diet, with diet shakes or meal replacements just good whole foods and exercise.

Now after years of Monica fighting with me to eat, I have put on 9kg. And I couldn’t be happier. I don’t look sick anymore I now have a little curve which I love not just skin and bones. I have never been so health and happy I have so more energy and I like to eat now. I don’t drink the energy drinks or smoke any more. I now sit at the 55kg mark and I haven’t been sick since.

Del Hanson

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for all you have done for me for and my health and wellbeing over the past 12 months.  I have lost 10 kgs and I couldn’t have done it without your help, the helpful hints on eating habits, recipes and also the exercise program that suits me.  I look forward to your phone call every week for guidance and encouragement.

Thank you very much

Kind regards


 Melina Jackson

“You may want to get your affairs in order” is NOT the phrase you think you’re going to hear at a simple follow up visit to the Dr’s office. It’s scary, gut wrenching but on some level also expected when you’ve been as sick as I WAS for so long.

For a solid 2 years I was going to the bathroom 20+ times a day. Nothing helped. Nothing. I was covered with eczema and psoriasis, told I’d never conceive naturally and had a shopping list of health issues to deal with on a daily basis. I was pretty much at my wits end.

By some miracle I found Monica and the team at The Chocolate Frog Diet. Wow! Within the first 3 months my eczema that I had battled for over 2 decades…gone!!! The shopping list was shrinking right before my eyes. Issue after issue gone, gone and gone!

“You’ll never conceive naturally” Check out the photo never say never Meet Cooper….my son

“You’ll grow out of this issue”

“It’s genetic there’s no cure”

“You have a 25% chance at survival”

Poof!! Gone, fixed, and cured! All we had to do, identify the triggers and allergens and eliminate or avoid them. The hardest part of my journey with Monica and the team was taking the first step. The rest as they say is history.


Sharon Benedierks Melbourne

I first contacted Monica at Chocolate Frog Diet because I was desperately wanting to lose weight. The name of her business made me smile, and made me think that this was a person I could relate to and work with to achieve my goals…and I wasn’t wrong there! Monica ensures that we remain focused on the end goal, but is also able to have a laugh along the way. ​

​Monica has helped, supported and encouraged me in a way that no other person could have. When I didn’t believe in myself, she did. 150%!​ I have a completely different relationship with myself nowadays, and I honestly believe I couldn’t be where I am now without Monica’s support over the years I have known her.

​I can’t stress enough just how much I believe in Monica’s work and what she has to offer her clients.


Bruce and Vicki Kelly

Vicki and I have been seeing Monica for over a year now.  During this time Monica has helped us grow both individually and as a couple immensely.

She has worked with us around weight loss, training and life coaching.

Monica is an individual who is so passionate about her craft, and has a real interest in working with people to help them achieve their life goals.

She works from a very practical framework that has clear achievable goals, giving tips on the way about what has worked for her and what has worked for other clients who she sees.

Monica also lives what she preaches and for this it makes any interventions or support so much more practical, because a lot of times when barriers come up she has already seem them herself and helps you work through them.

Monica has this incredible ability to be able to see individual’s strengths and then work with them, providing such a positive light through positive thinking.

We both feel blessed and inspired from knowing her, I could not recommend her strongly enough.

Catherine Harman

I started my journey with Monica on the Chocolate Frog Diet in 2010 after hearing and seeing the results of her program through a close friend.  I was hesitant at 1st to take on the program due to many failed attempts to lose weight with all the fad diets that were out.  I tried shakes, well known and advertised dieting programs and just about anything I could get my hands on.  I figured it was just another weight loss program but I was desperate to lose the extra kg’s I was carrying around.  I knew I would lose weight but what I didn’t realise was how incredibly life changing the experience would be for me.  The main thing that Monica did not do that others did was be judgemental to my situation but was extremely understanding and supportive.  The reason the Chocolate Frog Diet is so successful is you can still live your life.  I was still able to go out on the weekend with friends and have a great time and not regret it on the scales the following week.

Besides the dieting itself there was also something else about Monica that was a draw card for me.  Although my low self-esteem lead to me shutting down and often making our phone appointments tiring, when Monica took her program exclusively  to a firm in Sydney for a couple of years I felt something was missing and often found myself googling the program to see if I was lucky enough to find her again.  When I found it one day, I called straight away.  I had a lot of changes going on in my life that meant I was back past day one and had found an extra 16kg from when I left the program.

Since being back on the program Monica had found that rather than providing 100% diet advice, her mentoring and coaching role in my life resulted in breaking down the barriers and really gaining and understanding of where I have been and where I am going which was the driver for me to succeed.  There wouldn’t be too many areas in your life that Monica hasn’t walked herself and that for me is the driving force behind the success of her business.  When Monica says she understands where you are coming from, she really does.   Monica also takes the time to understand how you learn.  Working in a role where science, facts and figures give me straight answers, Monica was understanding of my personality and tailored my program to suit.

Today I am 12kg lighter and the person I am all thanks to Monica.  Without her support and friendship offered through the Chocolate Frog Diet I would be an overweight unhappy female stuck in the boring grind of life.


Anita Knight

I started with Monica at the Chocolate Frog Diet about 16months ago. Before I started her program I felt lost, unfocused and unsupported in past diets and weight loss programs I had done.

I have done many diets over the years and this time the program I have been doing is so different. The personal, one-on-one support and consultations are the most amazing and wonderful things about the program.

The first consultation I had with Monica when I started felt like I had known her for years. Since then she has gotten to know me and has tailored my program to suit my changing needs and I love the fact that I am not locked in to a certain contract. I can do weekly, fortnightly or once a month calls (or more or less if need be).

I don’t live in the same town as Monica so over the phone and online is how I keep in contact with her. She is amazing, supportive and has so many creative and wonderful ideas when I feel like I need to mix things up, as I tend to get bored easily.

I highly recommend her program and the wonderful support that goes along with it. I am so grateful that this program came into my life as it has helped push me when I feel challenged or helpless and her unwavering support has been like my rock through some pretty hard times.

Don’t hesitate, join her program now to get a tailored program to suit your lifestyle and way of life now, you will not regret it!