About the Program

There are many facts to “The Chocolate Frog Diet”

1.  Nutrition – The program assesses current nutritional intake (fresh fruit, vegetables and protein versus highly process foods), water consumption, alcohol intake, and the pattern of food intake during the day. It then ensures good nutrition is maintained during the process of weight loss.

2.  Weight Management – Due to the approach used by this program weight management is successful in the long term.

3.  Food Sensitivities and Allergies – Can not only effect nutritional status, but also result in weight gain. We offer detailed and practical advice on this.

4.  Nutritional Supplement Advice – Twenty-five years experience in this field enables us to give expert advice. Although many people do not require nutritional supplementation there are some who will benefit from it.

5.  Emotional Support –Is essential as emotions effect overall health, influence the ability to achieve lifestyle change, and are often one of the main reasons people are having weight issues. We work hard to ensure emotional support is provided every step of the way. We have extensive knowledge of many of the emotional challenges you will face. Monica has successfully lost over 45Kg so has personally experienced the emotions involved in doing this. Many clients comment this is the most important facet of the whole program.

6.  Lifestyle Change – Our outcome based approach along with our close working relationship with each client ensures lasting lifestyle change. This is the key to long term weight loss.

7.  Initial Assessment – With questionnaires about overall health, history of weight and medical problems, personality, and metabolism, combined with baseline measurement of weight and body size measurements gives much of the information we use to construct your individual program. This usually takes 60 minutes.

8.  Tracking of each Client’s Progress – Using most of the measurements we conduct at the initial assessment. Visits are usually performed weekly until the goal weight is achieved. They may be changed to longer intervals after that.

9.  Support – Of each client’s new lifestyle with regular visits to identify and address any issues they may be having. These visits are usually part of the tracking visits, but we also offer support between visits – usually by phone, texting, or email

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